The Iyalaje Oodua Worldwide Princess(Dr.) Toyin Kolade was elated on Sunday for the celebration for her hubby, Prince Kayode Kolade who just added another year.

Princess Kolade could not hide her excitement on her Husband's special day as she took to her social media pages to share their beautiful pictures and shower romantic birthday wishes on him.

Kolade, a foremost Lagos based businesswoman and philanthropist who recently bagged an NUJ's Awards of Excellence as the 'Most Industrious Woman in Yorubaland' described her sweetheart as the "World's Best".

On her Facebook page she wrote: "My All in One Oluwakayode Kolade...Ade Ori Mi, The one who Eledumare destined us to be together as Husband and Wife.. It's your birthday once again and I am super excited; like butterflies snoozing in my tummy making a rousing sound of a birthday lullaby. Indeed it's a victory song for you, cause sauntering into another age on mother earth at a time when many are constantly being visited by the dreaded grim reaper to a sojourn of no return, but for you to remain alive, bubbling and kicking like the heartbeat of a pacing Cheetah chasing its prey, it's a clear indication that you are indeed blessed and loved by God. 

"As I stand again to celebrate your birthday day today, I must confess that every day I wake up to see the dawn of the day, I thank my God and my star for making our paths cross. I bless the day I met you. Yes, I can say it with much Gusto! Our love is ordained from above and the love I have for you grows daily and it's pure like the cleanest of all water gushing out from the rock. I wish it's possible I harvest my heart for you to see how much i love and care for you you will be amazed. To say I love you alone does not quantify my feelings. Even though its abstract, I know you can feel it always.

"Loving you makes me feel the rush of wind like it strikes against my face and howling musically against my ear lobes as I listen with amazement. I have never taken your love for granted and as you have showered me, so much love, even in my down moments, you won my heart again and again. Like the mother Chicken protects its chicks from preying birds, you have guarded our love like a sacred entity. When many are looking to unravel the mystery behind our happy nuptial, you never for once gave in to their gimmicks and unfounded quest to put asunder to what God Almighty has ordained. The one behind my charming smile; as you add another year today, you shall see many more years in good health and wealth. 

"Your growth shall bring success, prosperity, flourishes and unlimited blessings. You possess the kindest of heart as I have learnt a lot from you, I will continue to be proud of you. You are kind, generous, loving, supportive, caring, prayerful and dutiful. May God almighty continue to perfect anything that concerns you. Scribbling this long epistle is not even enough to make a poetic sonnet or an Ode to celebrate your big day. Even as words failed me, I would still find the muse to say something because you are the special one and the world's best husband to me and a superlative father to our children. Still looking for the right lexical term to describe your persona but the words I intend to use are yet to be added to the dictionary. You are indefinable.

"Like the meaning of your name, 'Oluwakayode' meaning 'God brings joy'; may Joy never cease in anything you lay your hands on. In your endeavors, you shall continue to grow astronomically. You shall remain a leader anywhere you set your feet. You will not be cut short in your prime. Like the biblical Metusellar who was the world's known oldest man, you shall grow old gracefully. Like the popular Olumo Rock, you shall remain durable, standing tall above your enemies basking on the uncommon grace of your creator. 

"If I continue, I will not stop praising you. Let m,e rest my pen for another day. I wish you many more fulfilled years ahead. Oluwakayode, Ori e akan Oke, Igbega Nla lenu Ishe, Oni shubu fun ota yooor, Lenu Ishe, Olori loma je, Asiwaju ni e, ooni di eero eyin. Iwaju Iwaju Lopa Ebiti Nresi, Iwaju loma loma lo. Ori e oni gba abode. Ishe awon Omo wa ma soju emi ati e. Emi nima lo ee gbo; iwo na alomi gbo.. Wa fowo pawu; wa fi erigi je obi.. Beee loshey ma ri. Ni Oruko Jesu Kristi. 


Your one and only heartthrob and baby girl; Oluwatoyin Aya Kayode Kolade"

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