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About Ife City Blog

Ife City Blog (Property of IFECITY BLOG MEDIA) is an independent local online news and media platform situated in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, South-West, Nigeria. 

The blog aims at fostering inclusive community growth and development through quality, objective and local contents focused information. Our mission is that of an all-inclusive local online news, media and infotainment hub essentially championing the projection of Ife contents; Tourism, People and Culture, Business and Economy, Events and Festivals, Sports and Recreation, Academia, Local Arts and Innovations, Social Life and Entertainment and lots more. 

Our community reportage is extended beyond the central (Ife metropolis) to the neighbouring Ife regional towns and villages from Ife North, Ife South and Ife East with an aim to enabling a broader community voice as well as prioritizing Ife city tales in particular and the common Yoruba course in general.

The fact that a human community cannot exist in isolation of the larger society is however recognized, making us to give considerable attention to state, national and world breaking news and updates.

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