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"My Family Was A Photograph Lover Type" - OAU Beauty Model, Temiloluwa Akinsola Revealed Her Modelling Career Was Inspired By Her Family

Photo: Instagram/ @ temiloluwaakinsola Temiloluwa Akinsola is a young Nigerian Beauty Model, Visual Artist, Creative Director and Student of Law. In this exclusive interview with IfeCityBlog CampusCelebs , She revealed how her journey into modelling was inspired by her family and some other things. Can we meet you and get to know little about your journey into modelling?  My name is Temiloluwa Akinsola, I'm a model, a visual artist, creative director and law student. The truth is I have always loved being in front of the camera, my family was the "photograph lover" type, my mum precisely, she made sure you had a picture to show for your birthdays, every millstone in your life is very important to her. So every time I heard the photographer's voice; I would quickly dress and do all the "makeup" I could and lobby around till I eventually got a modelling career. Then as I was growing up and my father got cable(my TV Africa), Fashion TV became my channel,