Governor Oyetola Takes Covid-19 Booster Shot, Urges Residents To Get Vaccinated

Governor Oyetola Takes Covid-19 Booster Shot, Urges Residents To Get Vaccinated

The Governor of the State of Osun, Adegboyega Oyetola on Monday took his Covid-19 booster dose and urged residents of the State to get themselves vaccinated.

Governor Oyetola in a statement on Tuesday maintained that the Covid-19 Vaccine is safe, calling on those who have completed their two doses to also go for the booster shot for additional protection against the virus.

"Following the roll-out of the COVID-19 booster doses in Osun, I, yesterday, received my booster shot. I had in March, taken the first dose and my second dose in June, 2021. 

"The vaccine is safe and I want to encourage residents of Osun who have received their first and second doses to proceed to any of our Focal PHCs closer to them to take the booster shot. This is to strengthen your immune system and give you further protection against the virus. 

"In the same vein, I call on those who are yet to get vaccinated to do so and always observe all COVID-19 safety precautions. Let me also appreciate all frontline workers who have been working tirelessly to curtail spread of the virus in our State.", the Governor stated.

The Covid-19 booster shot, according to medical experts, is an additional dose of vaccine, designed to give additional protection against the virus and it is taken after over a period of time when the efficacy of the original doses is conceived to be waning.

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