"The Current Practice In OAU Is A SHAM", Ife Elders Fault VC Selection Process, Calls For A Probe

"The Current Practice In OAU Is A SHAM", Ife Elders Fault VC Selection Process, Calls For A Probe

Some elders in Ile-Ife under the aegis of the Ife Progressive Forum (IPF) have condemned the processes that led to the emergence of the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, describing it as a ‘sham’.

They made this known on Thursday during a press conference at the Oba Okunade Sijuwade Memorial Hall, Enuwa.

In a speech delivered by the IPF President, Dr. Famoriyo Gbolade, the elders lamented that the selection gave no room for due process, adding there is a conspiracy against the ancient city and its indigenes by some highly placed persons in the school, despite being an accommodating host since 1961 when the varsity was established.

The Forum further maintained that the two Ife indigenes who took part in the contest for the institution's VC position were rigged out.

“This time around, two sons of the soil who are saperbly and indisputably qualifled contested for the post, the university management came up with strange selection process to deny them. What is our offence?

“There is a corrupt manipulation of the vital process of scoring and assesing apirants to the VC position by the Chairman of the Governing Council Owelle Oscar Udoji, with the apparent connivance of other members of the Selection Commitee. The Council also betrayed the confidence reposed in them by not carying out even though they were not given the opportunity to have a say in the process.

“The secrecy surrounding the exercise is highly suspicious. There was oath administered on the members of election Committee, before the interviews were conducted and after, and during the process of compiling the results. The report of the selection committee to the Council was slated for 2pm while the announcement of the reports to the public was slated for 3pm of the same Thursday 17 March 2022.
Was the report expected to be automatically approved by the Council?

“Besides, the traditions in the academia is to frontload reports before consideration. Why were the Council members not given the reports at least 24 hours before the meeting in accordance with academic and administrative practice? On entering the meeting and after necessary protocols, members were given palmtops containing the purported selection reports. They were allowed to hold the palmtops far about ten minutes, after which the so-called reports were approved. Why will the university withdraw the palmtops from members? Is it that the Chairman does not trust members? What is it that must be so guided in a public document Where is it in our academic practice is OATH OF SECRECY agreement from committee members?

“If the process was very transparent, why can’t the results be made known to all after the end of the interview? A manipulated table of result is currently going round – what is the source and how were the scores generated? How authentic therefore is this table? In the absence of convincing official explanation of the genesis of the “scores” tabled out fertile rumor will abound. This aberration in our cherished university procedure of choosing OAU VC must be condemned. OAU is for cherished university cultural values and excellence but as mediocrity and ineptitude are being injected in its selection processes and about to be institutionalized, we all have moral obligation to REJECT and SPEAK OUT. The scoring criteria used in this exercise is a manipulated and shameful scale and a disgraceful negation of standard assessment and evaluation processes

“Check and compare the stand and procedure and processes used in the 2017 exercise. Why was that scoring criteria not used this time around? This evil practice, processes and procedure MUST BE INVESTIGATED. The scoring criteria should have accompanied the advertisement. This will help applicants know their potential before venturing out. The deliberate “innovative” practice of fixing scoring criteria after the candidates have applied in programmed to promote abuse. The procedure and processes were also designed to promote favoritism and to compromise merit, transparency, and integrity. It is like changing the goal post after the match has stared. Does one prepare for an exam without a syllabus? WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THE SCORING CRITERIA.

“ln this current exercise, candidates who served two terms at a post (e.g. Deans, Head of Department, Deputy Vice Chancellor) were awarded double marks. This is a complete negation of theories and principles of assessment and evaluation.

“The post of DVC is highly political one. This interview panel awarded 6 marks for that pont and doubled it for serving 2 terms. It is true the position is “contested” for but the current practice in OAU is a SHAM. The VC brings two names to the Senate for election. One of the professors is usually unknown referred to as a Dummy. No doubt this Council has adopted the flawed and corrupt political template to carry out this selection process.” The speech read in part.

The elders then called on President Muhammadu Buhari, Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu and other well-meaning Nigerians to intervene and review the selection process.

“We are not saying that it must be Ife indigene at all cost but all we are saying is that merits should be the basis for Vice Chancellor’s selection and that human prejudices should not come to play.” they added.

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