Bola Ige: Ife High Chief Reacts To Soyinka's Comments On Omisore's Appointment

Bola Ige: Ife High Chief Reacts To Soyinka's Comments On Omisore's Appointment

The Loowa Adimula of Ife, His Royal Highness, Oba Adekola Adeyeye on Thursday reacted to the spate of criticisms and vile comments by the Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka against a son of the land, Senator Iyiola Omisore, saying it was in bad faith.

The Ife Kingmaker described Omisore as a man of profound moral scruples and an highly resourceful son of Ile-Ife.

In a chat with some selected journalists at his palace along Ifewara road ile ife, Loowa of Ife said he expected some influential Yoruba leaders to condemn the uncomplimentary remarks on Omisore, crude propaganda and other desperate moves of the Nobel laureate.

“With absolute certainty, I can always, conveniently and openly vouch for the integrity, appropriateness and decency of Otunba (Senator) Iyiola Omisore, one of the highly resourceful sons of Ile-Ife, who today by the grace of God is the National Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC).

Although, I still have tremendous respect for Prof. Wole Soyinka and the honor he brought to our country through his literary prowess, however, his recent diatribe and misleading assertions as contained in a statement credited to him at the weekend that the endorsement of Omisore as APC National Secretary by President Muhammadu Buhari would tamper with judicial inquiries into Ige’s death because Omisore is a prime suspect in the murder case, I will say with all modesty that is most unfortunate and very embarrassing.” Loowa stated.

The monarch continues,

“I was grossly disgusted by these cruel and vile allegations about a profoundly gentleman and I am equally constrained to stand up and speak out for this political icon and an illustrious son of Ife at a time like this. Premeditated lies coupled with a heavy dosage of libel and slander against our fellow human beings, particularly when they are our compatriots, diminish us all, to say the least. It is my expectation that some influential Yoruba leaders will come out boldly to condemn the uncomplimentary remarks on Omisore, crude propaganda and other desperate moves of the Nobel laureate.”

The Royal father further reacted, “Prof. Soyinka shouldn’t have dragged himself into a controversial conversation like this which many of us found very distasteful, particularly as it involves the death of former Attorney-General of the Federation, Chief Bola Ige and linking it to a man pronouncedv innocent by a court of competent juridiction , especially at this sensitive moment when the country is heading towards another general elections is utterly unthinkable. Prof Soyinka and others who think like him should know that Nigeria can no longer be driven by this type of unnecessary and dangerous narrative.

As an elderstateman, and an octogenarian, I expected the literary icon to know better that such unhealthy development would not do the Yoruba nation proud. There is a moral obligation on the part of the state to solve every murder case, much less the one concerning a sitting Attorney General of the Federation in the case of Chief Bola Ige and that has nothing to do with Omisore whose records over the years are clean and without blemishes.”

Making reference to history, Loowa stressed that Yoruba must not allow itself to be used against itself under any guise as previously witnessed in the past.

“Yorubas really need to be careful, especially our elders, they should eschew the politics of hate, bitterness and division and renounce those that seek to destroy the names and hard- earned reputations of others simply because they see them as an obstacle to achieving their political aspirations. History has repeated itself in this similar instance, and some of the sad examples are that of late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and also the acclaimed winner of 1993 Presidential election, Bashorun MKO Abiola, they were both known to be victims of Yoruba’s war against Yorubas, this must not be allowed to repeat itself anymore, Yoruba must “Ronu” and do serious self introspection so that we will not be victims of circumstances all of the time.”

High Chief Adekola also used the occasion to appeal to the Nobel Laureate to retrace his step, adding that it is God that has elevated Omisore to where he is today.

“However in the spirit of decency, balance and godliness, I honestly urge Prof. Soyinka and others like him to desist from vicious and callous smear campaign against our son Otunba Iyiola Omisore and try and come to terms with the fact that it does not serve them well to attempt to disgrace or destroy one of the brightest stars in the South-West and indeed Nigeria and I assure them that God has elevated Omisore, no one can bring him down no matter how highly placed.

It is indeed my sincere prayer that God will help us all and protect us from evil, wicked, mindless and destructive individuals who are prepared to do anything to achieve power at the detriment of others. In the light of this, I once again stand with Otunba (Senator) Iyiola Omisore and nothing can change that, and every gang ups against him will never stand. May God bless Yorubaland and accordingly bless Nigeria.” Oba Adekola stated.

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