[VIDEO] Minor Road Crash Recorded at Okesoda - Eyewitness

An eyewitness on Wednesday reported of a minor road accident which occurred at Okesoda area in Ile-Ife.  

The incident in which no life was lost, report says, happened around 4:30pm when a lorry fully loaded with Cocoa which reportedly suffered a break failure almost had a head-on collision with a saloon car approaching from the opposite direction.

"The lorry carrying cocoa was coming from Iloro to Okesoda while the car was coming from Okeatan going to Iloro.They met at the junction and the lorry brushed the car side. To me, the car ought to have given way to the vehicle coming from the left, Iloro.", the source said.

The incident, the source added, caused a temporary obstruction and following hot argument that ensued between both parties but was later resolved and the vehicles cleared from the spot.

Speaking with our reporter, the Chairman, Okesoda community Ile-Ife, Apostle G.S. Ayoola who was at the scene of the incident, advised motorists to always exercise caution when on the roads and observe safety traffic rules. 

Road accidents account for thousands of deaths annually. In 2021 alone, according to the FRSC official report, a total number of 10,637 accidents involving 35,791 persons were recorded, out of which 5,101 were killed and 30,690 injured.

Majority of these crashes are avoidable as they have been attributed to reckless driving and flagrant violation of traffic rules and regulations, coupled with deplorable conditions of some of the nation's highways.

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