Labour Party Officially Unveiled In Ile-Ife, Promises Necessary Leadership To Develop The City, Osun and Nigeria

Labour Party Officially Unveiled In Ile-Ife, Promises Necessary Leadership To Develop The City, Osun and Nigeria

The Labour Party in Ile-Ife has said that it is committed to providing good leadership necessary for the development of the ancient city, Osun State and the nation in general.

The party's Chairman in Ile-Ife, Olamide Awosunle stated this on Sunday at the official unveiling of the party in the city, held at Enuwa Square, Ooni's Palace.

Awosunle further stated that the country can only overcome its current myriads of challenges through visionary leadership, noting that the party has what it takes to revive the nation's lost glories. 

"Today's official unveiling of Labour Party in Ile-Ife is to publicly announce to Ife people, Osun people, Nigerians and entire world that Labour Party is vehicle and Peter Obi is the driver to the actualization of a New Nigeria - The Nigeria of our Dream.

"Nigeria is designed to be great country. God created this country and gave it everything to make it great. The only thing that is needed is Leadership - Visionary Leadership. Through Labour Party, we are committed to provide necessary leadership for the development of Ile-Ife, Osun State and Nigeria at large. With Peter Obi and Datti, Nigeria will attain its potential and achieve true greatness", he said.

He then charged citizens, particularly the people of Ile-Ife to take active parts in the nation's democratic process and support the party's transformative agenda through their votes in the coming elections.

"To achieve this we must all be active in democratic process. Democracy is a major national business that all Nigerians must get involved in the process. The surest way to get back our country from all the greedy politicians is to take politics serious and stop believing it is dirty or meant for some people. 

"If we stand aloof we will continue to complain and put our future and that of our children in jeopardy. With current situation of our nation, only unpatriotic and fool will sit on the fence or be neutral when his or her country is being destroyed with incompetence, corruption, lack of focus, insecurity and others.

"We therefore use this medium to encourage all Ife people, home and abroad to begin joining the train of development. I admonish people of Ife and Osun State to join the party and work together with us to make Nigeria great.", Awosunle stated.

The event had in attendance prominent members of the party from the community, invited media organizations as well as party loyalists.

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