Job Opportunities In Ile-Ife: Farm Supervisor, Assistant Needed At Ife Heritage Investment Company Limited [How To Apply]

Job Opportunities In Ile-Ife: Farm Supervisor, Assistant Needed At Ife Heritage Investment Company Limited [How To Apply]

Ife Heritage Investment Company Limited, an innovation driven company in Osun state is looking for a Farm Supervisor and a Farm Assistant to supervise the Agricultural portfolio of a multi-million Naira investment company in Ile-Ife.

The company Head office in Ile-Ife is creating profitable investment and business opportunities for Ife sons and daughters in integrated Agriculture, as part of her portfolios, with a primary objective of developing Ife economy and providing viable solutions to socio-economic deprivations in Ife community. 


• Ability to decide the type of crops to be planted, its quality, quantity, and mode of harvest, preparing detailed plans regarding its planting and harvesting schedules, and collaborating with farm operators for carrying out these activities.

• Ability to monitor the production and yield quality of crops and livestock’s, maintaining animal health and welfare as per the guidelines from regulatory authorities, and keeping up-to-date knowledge on plants and animal pests and diseases, and taking appropriate measures for curing the same.

• Ability to record information, such as production, farm management practices, and parent stock, and prepares operational reports.

• Ability to purchase, utilize and maintain machinery, equipment, and supplies.

• Strict Compliance to farms standards, business plans and policies for e.g. health, safety, product quality, property and asset management and environment.

• Ability to plan and prepare the finance reports, regular farm reports, setting up budget limit for various farm activities


• Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, Animal Science, or equivalent for Farm Supervisor’s role. Ordinary National Diploma or Equivalent for Farm Assistant role.

• Additional courses in Business Management or Administration is recommended. 

Knowledge of the local environment is a must. Experience in a farming-related field. Management experience would be a plus. A passion for Agriculture. Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills. The ability to make decisions in stressful environments. Superb communication and interpersonal skills. Willingness to work overtime as required.

Salary: Very attractive. 

Candidate must be ready to resume immediately. Interested? Send CV and cover letter to these WhatsApp Numbers:+234-8033608535, +44-7930313159 and +1-9512640890 or e-mail CV and cover letter to kehind[email protected] on or before Monday 16th January 2023.

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