Aje Festival: Iyalaje Oodua Optimistic for Nigeria's Economic Recovery

Aje Festival: Iyalaje Oodua Optimistic for Nigeria's Economic Recovery

The Iyalaje Oodua Worldwide, Chief Toyin Kolade, has expressed optimism that the country will soon overcome its current economic challenges.

Kolade made the statement while addressing journalists at the 2024 Aje festival held on Monday in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

She noted that the annual celebration of Aje, which she noted is a deity associated with economic prosperity has always been fruitful to the nation. 

"As we celebrate this Aje festival today, Nigerians should expect a positive turnaround in terms of more money, food sufficiency and a more peaceful and prosperous nation.

 "It is my belief that as we celebrate Aje  today, our prayer has been answered and I hope that government would accord Aje a special position it deserves in our system". She added.

Kolade further assured citizenry that the current declining state of Naira would soon become a thing of the past.

"You will recall that before we celebrated Aje festival in 2022 ,Dollar was around  around N900 but after the celebration, it drooped to N400.

"So i admonish Nigerians to expect a similar occurrence this time around in which everyone would rejoice", Iyalaje stated.

She urged government at all levels to pay more attention to appreciating and celebrating the cultural heritage of the nation.

"I urge government at all levels to intensify efforts in the promotion and celebration of our cultural heritage in line with the huge economic potentials for the nation.", she said

Similarly, a traditional adherent from Mexico, Babalawo Omowale Ifamosun, urged Africans to put more efforts in embracing their cultural heritage.

The Yoruba speaking Ifa Priest, frowned at the lackadaisical attitude of most Africans towards their culture and traditions.

"I am a white Ifa priest and I value the culture very much. I also urged fellow Africans to do the same". Ifamosun stated.

Aje festival is held annually in Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba race. 

It is an elaborate cultural celebration which involves the Ooni performing sacred ancestral roles as the Arole Oduduwa and Spiritual head of all the descendants of Oduduwa worldwide.

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