Aroba Groove Adapts Baba Wande's Iconic Movie 'Ti Oluwa Nile' to Stage

Aroba Groove Adapts Baba Wande's Iconic Movie 'Ti Oluwa Nile' to Stage

'Ti Oluwa Nile', an iconic Yoruba epic movie by veteran Nollywood actor, Kareem Adepoju popularly known as Baba Wande is set to be adapted as a Stage Drama by Aroba Groove, a leading film production company.

'Ti Oluwa Nile' was Baba Wande's masterpiece originally written in 1987 and adapted into a film by Tunde Kelani's Mainframe Production in 1993.

The project Executive Producer and founder of Aroba Groove, Dotun Taylor, in a statement said the transcription of the blockbuster movie into a stage play is founded upon the desire to further showcase the beauty and diversity of artistic expressions as well as redefining stage drama.

The project which will be the first of its kind in the Nigerian film industry will be delivered by star-studded cast including Baba Wande himself, Jude Chukwuka, Aisha Lawal, Ozain, Iya Mufu, Layi Wasabi Lawyer, Yaw, and Agba Inaki, among others.

Now tweaked as ‘ASIYANBI: Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’, the work written by Shola Balogun and directed by Ropo Ewenla, promises to thrill audience using a different style, format and approach.

'Ti Oluwa Nile' is a story that chronicles various intricacies, intrigues and mischiefs involved in the business of buying and selling of land using the contemporary Nigerian society.

The stage production of the epic project is scheduled to hold from June 8th to July 21st, 2024.

Aroba Groove will be making history with the movie as the first ever to be so transformed from screen to stage in Nollywood history.

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