Face of Osun 2023: Ambassador Esther Adetutu Abolaji Unveiled Youth Role Model, Mentor

Face of Osun 2023: Ambassador Esther Adetutu Abolaji Unveiled Youth Role Model, Mentor

Rowland Empire Innovation Prince and Princess Pageant USA, has unveiled Ambassador Esther Adetutu Abolaji, a seasoned tourism professional and language expert as a Youth Role Model and Mentor for its 2023 Face of Osun Pageant, the Light Edition.

The pageant CEO, Prince Timi Abiri, in a statement noted that Adetutu's selection is founded upon her laudable achievements and excellence in various fields which, he said makes her a role model for other young women.

Ambassador Esther Adetutu Abolaji is a beacon of Linguistics and tourism expertise. Hailing from the picturesque locale of Asi in the Odo-Otin Local Government Area of Osun State, Ambassador Esther Adetutu Abolaji is not just an individual but a symphony of talents, dedication, and passion.

Her academic journey began with a profound interest in languages, leading her to become an accomplished linguist. Esther is an illustrious Alumnus of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife where she majored in French.

Not one to limit herself, she speaks with eloquence and fluency in four foreign languages - French, Portuguese, German, and Arabic. It is a testament to her dedication that within the span of her career, she has gained recognition as a polyglot par excellence.

Ambassador Esther's thirst for knowledge didn’t just stop at languages. She further pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the esteemed NIHOTOUR, reflecting her versatility and commitment to diverse fields of learning.

Professional affiliations play a crucial role in shaping one's career, and Ambassador Esther is a distinguished member of both the Chartered Institute For Public Diplomacy and Management (CIPDM) and the Institute For Tourism Professionals of Nigeria (MITPN). These memberships reflect her dedication to the highest standards of professionalism in her fields of expertise.

Beyond academics and professional affiliations, she dons the cap of an entrepreneur, showcasing her managerial acumen as the General Manager of Talent Builders Vocational Institute(TBVI). Her expertise also extends to being a sought-after Tourism Consultant, a role where she melds her knowledge of travel, hospitality, and intercultural communication.

With a rich experience spanning twelve years, she has honed her skills in marketing and administrative roles, seamlessly navigating through challenges and emerging as a leader in her domain.

Yet, at the heart of all her accomplishments lies a deep-rooted passion: the holistic education of the girl child. She believes in a comprehensive approach, encompassing formal education, vocational training, skill acquisition, etiquette, and poise. To Ambassador Esther, empowering the girl child isn't just about books; it's about equipping them with a spectrum of skills to navigate the world.

Face of Osun Pageant is a beauty and leadership brand renowned for its cultural promotion, tourism development and women empowerment in the state.

The grand finale of this year's Eleventh Edition is scheduled to hold in November at the state capital.

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