Face of Osun 2023: Hon. Tope Omitogun Unveiled Co-sponsor, Youth Role Model

Face of Osun 2023: Hon. Tope Omitogun Unveiled Co-sponsor, Youth Role Model

Rowland Empire Innovation Prince and Princess Pageant USA, has unveiled Tourism expert and business mogul Hon. Anjorin Tope Victor OMITOGUN, as Osun Youth Role Model and a Co-sponsor for its 2023 Face of Osun Pageant, the Light Edition.

The pageant CEO, Prince Timi Abiri, disclosed this to ICB on Monday, reiterating the company's contribution, using the Face of Osun Initiative, to building a formidable partnership network for youth and tourism development in the state.

Anjorin Tope Victor OMITOGUN, is a distinguished figure in the realm of tourism and currently serves as the Hon. Special Adviser to the Osun State Governor.  

Besides his political endeavors, he demonstrates his entrepreneurial flair as the CEO of Omitogun Construction Company and Director of IEL AUTOS. 

A native of Ilesha West, Anjorin boasts a degree in Industrial Chemistry from Ekiti State University, underlining his deep insight into his field. 

His commitment to bolstering tourism and expertise in construction has driven several notable projects in the state. 

Recognized for his passion and vision, Anjorin plays a pivotal role in the community's growth. His diverse career aptly combines his political, business, and academic strengths, pushing for a vibrant tourism landscape in Osun State.

Face of Osun Pageant is a beauty and leadership contest brand with eleven years reputation of cultural promotion, tourism development and women empowerment in the state.

The grand finale of this year's Eleventh Edition is scheduled to hold in November at the state capital.

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