Face of Osun 2023: Oba Abiodun Orarotimi Mulatto Unveiled Youth Role Model, Mentor

Face of Osun 2023: Oba Abiodun Orarotimi Mulatto Unveiled Youth Role Model, Mentor

Rowland Empire Innovation Prince and Princess Pageant USA, has unveiled His Ancestral Majesty, Oba Abiodun Abisoye Orarotimi Mulatto Oranfe Onile Ina Osangangan I, the Obaluru of Ife as a Youth Role Model and Mentor for its 2023 Face of Osun Pageant, the Light Edition.

The pageant CEO, Prince Timi Abiri, disclosed this to ICB on Tuesday while updating the medium on the level of preparedness for the eleventh edition of the event.

Kabiesi Oba Abiodun Mulatto stands as a beacon of cultural pride and heritage in the heart of Nigeria. Born several decades ago in the vibrant town of city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, his roots trace back to the renowned Obaluru Compound Moore, a nexus deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Yoruba culture and history.

The town of Ile-Ife, known for its significant cultural and historical contributions to the Yoruba people, was also the cradle of Oba Abiodun's early education. He undertook his primary and secondary studies in this historically affluent town, later advancing to pursue higher education in Iree, also within the confines of Osun State.

However, the winds of destiny had a grander role etched out for him. On September 12th, 2016, he began a new chapter in his life, ascending to the esteemed throne of Obaluru of Ife (Oranfe). This wasn't an ordinary elevation. His selection was the culmination of a meticulous, traditional, and elaborate process, reflecting the sanctity and importance of the position. 

The title of Obaluru of Ife isn't just a mantle of leadership; it is a symbol of the profound reverence the Yoruba people hold for their enduring customs and traditions. Oba Abiodun Mulatto, in his esteemed role, continues to be a guardian of these age-old traditions, ensuring they flourish for generations to come.

Face of Osun Pageant is a beauty and leadership brand renowned for its cultural promotion, tourism development and women empowerment in the state.

A Live Audition for this Year's Eleventh Edition, according to the organisers, will hold on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at Western Sun Hotel, Ede by 10am while the grand finale is scheduled to hold in November at the state capital.

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