Eludoyin at 76: Ooni Celebrates Ife Born Business Titan, Elderstatesman

Eludoyin at 76: Ooni Celebrates Ife Born Business Titan, Elderstatesman

The Ooni of Ife, Arole Odududwa Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, has extended warm felicitations to the business mogul, Prince Dipo Eludoyin on his 76th Birthday.

This was contained in a release signed the Director of Media and Public Affairs, Ooni of Ife's Palace, Otunba Moses Olafare, describing Eludoyin as a beacon of wisdom and cherished member of his community.

The statement reads in part,

"As the sun rises on this auspicious day, the House of Oduduwa under the leadership of His Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi,CFR, Ojaja II, the Ooni of Ife, extends a joyous celebration to honor our beloved Prince of the source a titan of industry, a beacon of wisdom, and a cherished member of our community, Prince Dipo Eludoyin, on the Occasion of his 76th birthday.

"OOSA! as fondly called, your journey through life has been nothing short of extraordinary. With each passing year, you have exemplified the timeless virtues of resilience, determination, and grace.

"As we reflect on the remarkable milestones you have achieved, we are reminded of the profound impact you have made on countless lives, both within the House of Oduduwa, Nigeria and beyond.

"As the Chairman of Paragon Holdings Limited, you have steered your ship with unwavering fortitude, transforming dreams into reality and challenges into triumphs. 

"Your visionary leadership has not only propelled your company to the zenith of success but has also served as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. 

"Through your ingenuity and foresight, you have carved a path of innovation and excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of business history.

"Yet, beyond the boardrooms and balance sheets, your heart beats with a passion for philanthropy and social responsibility. Your unwavering commitment to uplifting the less fortunate, empowering the marginalized, and championing causes close to your heart stands as a testament to your noble character and compassionate soul. 

Your deeds of kindness and generosity have touched lives in ways immeasurable, spreading hope and inspiration to all who have had the privilege of crossing your path.

"As you stand at the threshold of another year, we offer our heartfelt gratitude for the wisdom you impart, the guidance you provide, and the love you share with all those around you. 

"Your presence in our lives is a gift beyond measure, and on this special day, we honour you not only for the remarkable achievements of your past but also for the limitless potential of your future.

"May this day be filled with joy, surrounded by the love of family and friends, and illuminated by the warmth of countless cherished memories. 

"The Almighty Olodumare shall richly bless the rest of your journey on this earth with meaningful logevity characterized by sound health and immeasurable fulfillment of life as you are gloriously 76 today.

Igba odun odun kan o

Afon a gbo ko to wo

HBD @76, Oosa!!!"

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